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Last updated: February 17, 2009

Reference Publications

Occupational Health Strategies publishes two books as a service to the healthcare community. All money raised by the sale of these references goes to cover publication expenses. Over a 6 month period, our staff contacts all known vendors to obtain product features. We also recruit expert (unpaid) panel members who write chapters for the references explaining technologies and sharing their experiance from both user and developer perspectives.

Guidebook to Occupational Health Informatics
Our Guidebook, now in its 11th edition, is published for the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. It has been used since 1988 by clinics, corporations, libraries, and health professional schools wordwide. It not only lists and describes occupational health and safety software programs, it also contains a number of introductory chapters full of useful information. You'll discover how to choose the software and hardware you need, how to use new technologies, how to manage health and safety information and much more.

Handbook of Health Assessment Tools
Our Handbook now in its 4th edition is published for the Society of Prospective Medicine (SPM). Since 1992, it has helped health professionals and others choose from the vast array of health assessment tools on the market. It lists and describes more than 40 commercial instruments as well as various research tools and it also includes 36 educational and informational chapters. The chapters cover such subjects as The Reliability and Validity of HRAs, Practical Guidelines for Maximizing the Impact of Assessments, health assessment for special populations and much more.