Occupational Health Strategies, Inc.
Kent W. Peterson, M.D., FACOEM
901 Preston Avenue, Suite 400
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-4491
TEL: (434) 977-3784
FAX: (434) 977-8570
Email: OHS@HealthySelf.org

Last updated: February 17, 2009

Occupational Health Strategies

OHS is an occupational health consulting firm established in 1984 by Kent W. Peterson, MD, FACOEM, FACPM, MRO in New York, and since 1986 based in Charlottesville, VA. Our focus is in five areas:

Corporate Medical Advisor

We serve as corporate medical advisor for a number of companies throughout the U.S. In this role we handle the full range of issues and concerns that any company has regarding employee health and safety--from clinical cases and disability management, to environmental health and safety, health promotion, cost containment, health and productivity management and long-term health care strategy.

Health Management Consulting

We engage in special consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies, universities and government agencies. The scope of consultations includes:

  • Assessing and enhancing overall enterprise-wide health and safety programs

  • Developing new corporate programs (e.g., wellness and self care, pre-employment exams, drug testing, smoking, HIV guidelines, EAP)

  • Conducting surveys or analyzing data. (e.g., company benchmark surveys regarding programs, salaries, health care costs)

Education and Training

We design, conduct, manage and evaluate extensive health promotion, health education, preventive care, and executive wellness programs. Two large, ongoing clients are the U.S. Federal Executive Institute (FEI) and the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR). For eighteen years we have also designed and conducted training on drug and alcohol testing and medical review officer (MRO) nationwide in partnership with the American College of Occupational an Environmental Medicine (ACOEM).

Health Risk Assessment

We developed and own one of the most advanced Personal Health Evaluation health risk appraisal programs available today. Surveys can be entered online and returned as printed or electronic reports.

Health Information Systems

We assist our clients design, enhance and evaluate computerized occupational health information systems. As leaders we have published many editions of the Directory of Occupational Health & Safety Software and more recently the Handbook of Occupational Health Informatics.