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Last updated: February 17, 2009

The personal health evaluation system

Balancing the Art and the Science of Health Risk Assessment

The art of personal communication, the science of epidemiology and risk computation--only now has an HRA achieved the ideal balance between the two. This balance was designed to increase opportunities for:

When Occupational Health Strategies (OHS) introduced The Personal Health Evaluation System in 1989, our service was immediately adopted by prominent Fortune 500 companies. Why? Because The PHE System achieves that ideal balance of personalized, motivational communication and advanced computational technology--the art and the science of health risk assessment.

Recognizing the many benefits of today's HRAs, we became all too aware of their limitations. Like you, we encountered stilted, confusing boiler-plate reports with limited customization options. Reliance on negative feedback often alienated and intimidated, instead of motivating and empowering. Technology and databases were not accessible for critical review. During more than a decade of intensive development and rigorous field testing, we have overcome these traditional HRA shortcomings. You'll realize this the first time you use the Personal Health Evaluation System. You'll find it:

On balance, we think you'll recognize The Personal Health Evaluation System to be the finest HRA available at any price. And, contrary to expectation, The PHE System is at the lower end of the price range, when compared with other comprehensive HRAs. For more information, or to try The PHE System at no charge, please contact us.


The Personal Health Evaluation HRA System has helped create a window of opportunity for employees. Many are now open to the idea of adopting healthier lifestyles. When faced with limited resources and competing priorities, how can you launch the most cost-effective health promotion program?

The Corporate Health Evaluation (CHE) and Personal Health Evlauation Select Executive Reports provide complex information and analysis in easy-to-use formats. Use these reports to:

The Corporate Health Evaluation delivers greater flexibility in analyzing risk than standard HRA group reports. Group Identifiers make The CHE System an even more powerful analytical tool. You can segment and analyze data in a variety of ways - by employee/dependent status, company/department/job location, payroll code, shift, and other needed variables.

Comprised of the Management Report and optional Graphic Reports, Statistical Reports, and Data Listings, the CHE has been developed to meet the needs of our most demanding clients. It helps take the guess work out of program development.

Through numbers and percentages, the Management Report defines employee demographics and summarizes overall health status. Major projected threats to employee health are clearly reported and significant risk factor ratings are presented. (Risk factor categories include tobacco, vehicle safety, weight, nutrition, cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, personal safety, alcohol, and fitness.) Employee health goals are also identified.

To aid in decision-making, the Corporate Health Evaluation report can present data using high-impact management graphics. This sophisticated graphics option makes numbers come alive, greatly facilitating your ability to increase top management support and to build responsive screening and wellness programs. The Graphic Reports are particularly well-suited for overhead presentations and can be ordered in slide or transparency format.

Gain additional insight into The Management Report risk ratings to better design your intervention and cost-projection programs. For example, learn how those at high risk of dying in motor vehicle accidents responded to questions about drinking and driving, seat belt use, car size, and miles driven. Responses to each PHE question are examined as they relate to (over) Group Report risk ratings. Analysis is presented by age and sex, showing averages and minimum, maximum and standard deviation values, when appropriate.

A valuable service for designing individual and group programs, The Data Listings display how each individual is classified by risk rating. The listings provide respondent's name, ID number, birth date, and sex. Customized Data Listings are also available. (Please note: Listings will only be generated when they conform with participant confidentiality agreements.)

The Personal Health Evaluation Select Executive Reports are a cut above anything previously offered in group reports. Very detailed information is presented clearly and succintly, in both text and graphic representation. Nine reports are summarized below:

Targeted to upper level management, it includes the high points from all components.

Breakdown on who did and did not participate by age, sex, and other variables.

Responses to self-rated current health status and overall 10 year risk estimations.

Responses to questions on sick days, medical visits, and hospitalizations.

Indicates excess health behavior-related costs and makes 1-5 year projections on cost savings.

For each health behavior rated, key health responses.

Relative risk for each disease group. How many lives and diseases can be prevented.

Numbers of participants who would benefit from varying levels of intervention.

Reports on compliance with NCQA guidelines. Don't miss the opportunity to use these sophisticated management tools!

For more information, or to examine sample Corporate Health Evaluation or Personal Health Evaluation Select Executive Reports at no charge, please contact us.